Limberlost Access Notes

Guidelines for visiting Limberlost Forest

If you are planning a trip to Limberlost, please visit their website:

There is an excellent section on the modern history of the property.  The “ski hill” area is one of the original alpine ski areas in the province.

Limberlost has an online safety and responsibility contract that must be filled in before each visit.  Please visit:

Important notes:

  • Limberlost is open to the public from 9AM-5PM daily.
  • Park your vehicle at the Buck Lake Landing parking lot, if possible, when ski touring.
  • Limberlost is able to be open to the public because of rental income from their cabins and campsites.  Please consider renting, from time to time, to help Limberlost stay keen on supporting ski touring.
  • There are many options for ski touring at Limberlost, beyond the Top of the World ski hill.  Because there are unplowed roads, lakes and trails throughout the property, there is never a “bad snow day”, simply come prepared to adjust your ski plans to the reality of the snow conditions and explore the 10000 acres of the Reserve.
  • Pack out all garbage and waste.  If you find garbage left by others, please pack it out.  
  • WWHSTA is very fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with Limberlost.  Please always treat staff, gests and other visitors with the utmost respect and courtesy.
  • If you’re sharing images on social media, please consider using @thelimberlostforest on Instagram and @LimberlostForest on Facebook to help boost their profile.
  • Do not construct jumps, rails or other obstacles on Limberlost property.  
  • Cell phone service is limited at Limberlost. As always in the backcountry, travel safely; ski with a partner. Please carry food, water, headlamp and a first aid kit at the minimum. 
  • Please remember: ski uptracks are for skis.  If you are using snowshoes or boots to climb the hill, create an adjacent path to the ski uptrack.